Red Pearl Kitchen

red pearl kitchen

Tim and Liza Goodell had long sought the perfect location for their second Red Pearl Kitchen, and they found it in the heart of the Historic Gas Lamp District of San Diego. Their original Red Pearl Kitchen was a mainstay of the Huntington Beach dining scene for years and like the Orange County location, the new San Diego restaurant combines authentic Chinese/East Asian recipes with a hip, contemporary bar scene.

The extensive menu offers a new twist on traditional Pan-Asian Cuisine and is great for individual or family-style dining; guests can select from a wide array of Dim Sum, Salad, Hot Pot, Curry, Noodle, Wok-Fired, and Vegetable dishes. The menu, combined with the full bar and overall design gives it a vibe that is glamorous, exotic and sexy.

In addition to serving great food and drinks, the Red Pearl Kitchen is an active participant in the exciting Gas Lamp District revival, and a great destination

for the local community.


Red Pearl Kitchen
San Diego, CA

How to Choose Best Espresso Machine

Looking for a new Espresso Machine and wondering which one to buy?? Trying to replace the Espresso already sitting in your kitchen and confused with the one to replace it with?? Then you have hit the right link.

We have categorized the Espresso Machines according to their Prices, working and other criteria to help you choose the one that suits you the BEST..!!

Basically, the Espresso Machines can be classified into Steam Driven and Pump Driven Machines. The description is as follows:

  1. Pump Driven Espresso Machines: It makes REAL, Cream – Topped Espresso Drink and comes in following variations:
  • Manual Espresso: The user can totally control the output of the machine manually.

Best Suited To: People who understand the basics of espresso making completely and are real enthusiasts who can alter the taste and strength of espresso shot with prolonged experience.

Budget: $290 to $1500

  • Semi – Automatic Espresso: This type of machine also allows user to control the output of machine; but will require skill for operation.

Best Suited to: People who have been using espresso machines for quite a time and know how to alter the taste of their drink using regulated amount of coffee.

Budget: $100 to $900

  • Automatic Espresso: This type of machines use coffee pods or capsules and are known for delivering good and mess free espresso drinks consistently.

Best Suited to: All kinds of users from amateurs to skilled ones.

Budget: $120 to $350

  • Super Automatic Espresso: This machine operates quite similarly to Automatic one and is a big saver on time.

Best Suited to: People who are good on budget and don’t mind spending a little extra for better coffee and time saving.

Budget: $450 to $3500

  1. Steam Driven Espresso: This machine is well known for producing very strong coffee instead of a REAL espresso drink. This comes in a very affordable budget range too i.e. $35 to $65

Though the above mentioned points would have clarified a lot of doubts in your minds regarding the espresso machines; Coffee Forum will help you further.

Important Points for choosing the Best Espresso Machine for You:

  • If this is your very first attempt at buying an espresso machine; then you should go for super automatic or semi – automatic espresso machine.
  • However, if a regular normal espresso maker is what you desire, then you should go for steam driven espresso machine.
  • The coffee enthusiasts who love to experiment with the taste of their espresso shot should go for Manual Espresso Machines.
  • Automatic Espresso Machines are the best for office use as they offer compact and easy storage and deliver good espresso consistently.
  • The Cappucino Lovers should go for Super Automatic Espresso Machines.
  • Steam Driven Espresso Machines are the best alternative for real espresso machines and are light on budget too.

A few other characteristics that determine the quality of an espresso machine are:

  • Quality Boiler
  • Sturdy and Replaceable parts
  • Fast Heating
  • Ease of using
  • Safe Designing
  • Ease of cleaning and
  • Easily adjustable spouts for different coffee sizes.


Now you are armed with a complete guide on How to Choose the Best Espresso Machine for you. So what are you waiting for?? Pick up your wallet and buy the one that suits you best.