What kind of Cookware do chefs use in Restaurants?

Professional Chef

Having a chef in your family makes your life easy in various ways. You get to eat king size food in the parties, enjoy fabulous weekends by enjoying tasty snacks while chatting away your time. If you need advice on buying cookware, you can call them. If you need help in organizing a meal, you can take their help. If you want to take your date to a good restaurant they will be your right guide. And of course, they can help you in a number of other ways, the way my sister has helped me.

Cookware used by chefsYesterday, we were chatting about the various brands of cookware, and the discussion moved towards the cookware used by the professional chefs in the reputed restaurants. I got to learn a lot about the cookware used by chefs and a lot of myths were busted.

To be very frank, every good restaurant has almost all kinds of the cookware. Yes, they have stainless steel cookware, cast iron cookware, copper cookware and the non-stick one too. The restaurants serving very authentic cuisine also have ceramic cookware to cook rice and other things. Hence, you should not think that there is only one kind of cookware in the kitchens used by chefs. Further, the myth that the chefs prefer to have a cookware set from a single brand is also a myth only. All the reputed restaurants have cookware pieces from different brands. For example, they may have Mauviel Copper Pot, Le Creuset Boilers and Skillets etc. Actually, the main aim of the chef kitchen is to deliver you the best flavors in the best cooked food. Hence, they cook every dish in only that cookware which lends them the maximum taste and cooks them in the best manner.

Now, you should not get an impression that all the restaurants have this kind of standard. I mean, most of them use medium quality brands of the cookware and even some of the pieces are of aluminum too. That is why some of the restaurants are cheaper than the others. Though, some other factors also count in the pricing.

Cookware BrandsNow let us have a look at the cookware brands which are generally used by the chefs. All Clad Stainless Steel cookware, Le Creuset Cast Iron cookware (enamelled too), some heavy duty cookware that doesn’t come with any brand name, and the restaurant grade heavy duty aluminum cookware are generally used by the chefs for cooking in the restaurant. Some other prevalent cookware brands used by the chefs are Calphalon, Circulon, and Vollrath. The Foodista is one of the best places to read cookware reviews.  It is often the first stop chefs go to when they want to read reviews about a product.

The main focus of the chefs is to deliver your orders to you in as much small time as possible and with as much taste as possible. The cookware in a chef’s kitchen is handled roughly and hence, it is important that the cookware is durable and heavy duty. The choice is made keeping a lot of decisions in mind. All the cookware pieces are not bought at once. The menu of the restaurant also plays an important part in deciding the type of cookware to be purchased.

I hope the post has helped you in gaining an insight into the chef’s kitchen and understand the cookware which is used by them.