Ultimate Espresso Machine Buying Guide

espresso makerI can give you a thousand reasons for which you should buy an espresso machine. For example, it will save you a lot of money. Yes, a lot. The amount of money you would spend otherwise buying coffee everyday- trust me you are going to save a lot of that money if you buy an espresso machine at home. Plus, you can make your espresso with your favorite beans, you can adjust the strength of it, you can customize it the way you like and add flavors, milk and what not to experiment. The options are countless. My favorite one, though, is you can have espresso at any time of the day and not be bothered about if the coffee shop is still open(even at 3 in the night)!

But each one of us has our lifestyle and simultaneously our own needs from our caffeine. So accordingly you need to buy a machine that will suit your unique needs. There are a lot of machines available in the market today. If you want to get the best espresso machine for your kitchen, I personally suggest you to check out The Edge best espresso machines reviews of 2015. They write reviews to help you make all your buying decisions. The Edge, categories espresso making machines under two major categories, steam driven machines and pump driven machines. Of the two, steam driven machines are cheaper, yet pump driven machines brew the coffee under much higher pressure, resulting in a thick cream on top. Pump driven machines can be further classified into semi automatic machines, automatic machines and super automatic machines. The semi automatic are the lowest in price among these three and require some amount of manual labor to turn the pump on and also control the volume of the espresso. The automatic and super automatic machines are way more advance in their features, yet costlier than their semi automatic cousin.

semi-automatic espresso maker vs Super-Automatic espresso makerThe semi automatic is the most suited one for home use of the average coffee drinker. They are easy enough to use, reasonably priced and consistent in the coffee brewing part. But if you are lazy, or ready to spend some extra bucks for a superior coffee making technology, then you can always go for a super automatic or automatic machine. Other than this, if you do not want the hassle of grinding beans and dosing and tamping them, there is something for you too. Pod espresso machines use pre-packed coffee pods(that are available at all supermarkets) and hence you can totally be not bothered about cleaning coffee muck after every use.

And if you have a heart for everything vintage and are eager to really learn the art of manual espresso making, you can always buy a manual espresso machine.

double boiler espresso machineApart from this, there are a few other things you need to consider before choosing your machine. The value of the water tank is important. If you have a lot of coffee drinkers at home, you might want to buy a machine with a bigger water tank. Try to get machine with a removable water tank; it is easier to refill and clean that way. You also need to consider the grinding part. Either you have to buy a machine with an inbuilt conical burr grinder. Or invest in a good quality grinder, separately; it depends on your convenience. Also check the build of the espresso maker. Some machines have a plastic body, and some have a metal, generally stainless steel body. Since the process of espresso making involves a lot of heating, it is advisable to get a machine with a metal body. Some machines have one boiler, while some (more expensive ones) have two boilers. The advantage of double boiler is that you can brew espresso and steam/froth milk simultaneously, or right one after the other without having to wait. Always get a demo before you buy an espresso machine. Ask about cleaning and maintenance too.

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