Why a Rice Cooker

cooking rice in pressure cookerRice has been in the kitchens across the globe since ages and same goes for the cookers for it. Initially, it was cooked in open pots and used to take hours to be perfectly cooked (depending on the quantity of course). Then someone realized that very high temperatures can be attained at high pressures and that if this can be applied to the rice cooking, the time will be minimized. This led to the manufacturing of the pressure cooker. Then, the times advanced and the rice cookers came in the kitchens with all the functionality of auto – off and keep warm features. And now, you can find thousands of the rice cookers with hundreds of options and varieties.

But still, a lot of people question the requirement of the rice cooker. I mean, the pressure cookers are as good as them for the cooking right..?? This post shall be directed to all those people.

The modernization of the various appliances led to the modernization of the kitchen as well as the cooking methods. They didn’t only reduce the time spent in cooking but also reduced the effort in the same. Further, the modernized methods also reduced the gas and electricity consumption. This is another advantage. I mean who doesn’t want to have homemade food which is easy on the pockets.

rice cookerRice cooker is one such thing. Not only the time and effort in making the rice are reduced, but also you have got a lot of choices and options to choose from. You can make rice in it, steam vegetables in it, make porridge in it and do them side by side. Steaming the vegetables while the rice is being cooked will not only save your time but also reduce the expenses in the terms of electricity. There are hundreds of options to choose from. Chef Brazil can help you get the best rice cooker within your budget.

Apart from the white rice, you can cook the brown rice, sushi rice, rice porridge, stew the vegetables, and make soups in the rice cooker. Further, purchasing an advanced model will let you choose a rice texture you would prefer. For example, you can have soft, extra soft, dry and wet rice and that too in a SINGLE rice cooker.

Cooking in the rice cooker will save you from churning the rice while cooking, checking times and again whether the rice has been cooked or not and deliver you the perfectly cooked rice in much less time. Coming to the nutritional benefits of cooking rice in a cooker, the rice cooker will cook the rice under high pressure which will change the structure of the starch in such a manner which will make it digestive too.

You can also find the rice cookers which come with the additional functionality of adding aroma to the rice. These cookers will also offer you a set of settings which can be done to make the rice rich in the desired aroma.

The rice cooker will automatically, either switch off after the cooking (normal cookers) or keep the temperature to that level which will keep the rice warm for up to 12 hours. Isn’t it good that the rice will stay warm till the time you eat it and will not develop clumps; as it generally does on getting cold?

The rice cookers can also be used to steam the vegetables in a jiffy and that too without the loss of the important nutrients. This is owing to the fact that in the rice cookers, the high temperatures are achieved under high pressures and the nutrients are not lost owing to prolonged steaming as the steaming is done in few minutes.

Hence, the rice cookers are much more than JUST a RICE COOKER. Ok, do ONE thing, buy one for yourself and explore all the benefits. Happy cooking.

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