Finding the Best Juicer for your Needs

When you have to choose something from the multitude of the options available, it becomes tiring and brainstorming process; especially if the selection is to be done for a long time. I have always been very selective when it comes to my kitchen and the things to be included therein. From the brands of my kitchen ware to the items I cook, my family consumes and even the ones I purchase in the ready to eat form. This consciousness not only gives me the satisfaction that I am giving the best to my family, but also keeps all of us immune to various diseases and other health problems.


Including juice in the daily diets has become a fitness trend lately. But, finding the juicer which suits your needs in the perfect manner is quite a task. To make it easy for all my readers, I have listed the factors which should be kept in mind while making the purchase so that you find the best one which suits your needs.

FACTOR 1 – Types of Items to be juiced:

If you are a fruit lover and don’t have much appetite for the vegetables and the wheat grass, you should go for the masticating juicers. The micro mesh of stainless steel and the slow juicing is surely going to give you the best yield. The centrifugal juicers are fast and built mainly for the tough fibrous food items such as carrots, beet, etc.

Though nowadays, the juicers come with the ability to juice out the fruits as well as vegetables with equal efficiency. But they come at high prices and thus, my foremost advice is to make the purchase as per the requirement.

wheatgrassIf, however, you wish to make the wheatgrass juice, you will require a completely different juicer. Wheat grass is not as soft as the fruits and not as fibrous and tough as the vegetables. Therefore, the juicer build and machinery is very different from the ones which are used to juice out the fruits and vegetables.

FACTOR 2 – Budget Matters:

Every purchase in your home should be as per your budget. Suppose you purchased a juicer which is so expensive that you are out of all the money the moment you make the purchase, then you will NOT be able to enjoy the juice as you won’t be left with any money for the fruits and veggies.

This is just an example. The main aim is to convey that you should purchase the juicer which fits your budget and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

FACTOR 3 – Nutrition Concerns:

There are some people for whom, nutrition is the ultimate word. They can spend a bit extra for the best and not worry about it. These nutrition concerned people will find the masticating juicers the best ones. The juice made in these juicers is full of nutrients and enzymes owing to no heat generation while juicing and have a long shelf life. Juicers are easy to clean, don’t produce much noise but take efforts in cutting and chopping the fruits and veggies as the feeding chutes are narrow.

The masticating juicers produce the driest pulp and thus, you feel justified too.

As the masticating juicers are a bit pricey, there are some centrifugal juicers too that come at a low cost and are kind of same to the masticating juicers in some areas.

These THREE features are enough for you to decide the juicer which suits your needs the best. To ensure you buy only the best and a recent juicer, I recommend you to check out Juicer.Kitchen’s picks for the best juicers. Juicer.Kitchen is a great resource. It examines consumer reviews posted on reliable sites, analyzes them, and recommends the best juicers. Find the one you like and get to the juicing.

Red Pearl Kitchen

Red Pearl Kitchen

Tim and Liza Goodell had long sought the perfect location for their second Red Pearl Kitchen, and they found it in the heart of the Historic Gas Lamp District of San Diego. Their original Red Pearl Kitchen was a mainstay of the Huntington Beach dining scene for years and like the Orange County location, the new San Diego restaurant combines authentic Chinese/East Asian recipes with a hip, contemporary bar scene.

The extensive menu offers a new twist on traditional Pan-Asian Cuisine and is great for individual or family-style dining; guests can select from a wide array of Dim Sum, Salad, Hot Pot, Curry, Noodle, Wok-Fired, and Vegetable dishes. The menu, combined with the full bar and overall design gives it a vibe that is glamorous, exotic and sexy.

In addition to serving great food and drinks, the Red Pearl Kitchen is an active participant in the exciting Gas Lamp District revival, and a great destination for the local community.

Red Pearl Kitchen
San Diego, CA